php-fpm brew

multiple php with homebrew on mavericks

assume you have nginx + homebrew already installed
brew update
brew tap josegonzalez/php
brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew options php53
brew install php53 --with-mariadb --with-suhosin --with-fpm
brew install php53 --with-mariadb --with-suhosin --with-fpm
brew install php55 --with-mariadb --with-suhosin --with-fpm
cd /usr/local/Cellar/
cp php53/5.3.28/homebrew.mxcl.php53.plist /Users/sirolf/Library/LaunchAgents/.
cp php54/5.4.29/homebrew.mxcl.php54.plist /Users/sirolf/Library/LaunchAgents/.
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