ejabberd on ubuntu 10.04

How-to: ejabberd on ubuntu 10.04

Using sudo or as root user: first we get the packages and build the mod_admin_extra module

  1. apt-get install ejabberd
  2. cd /usr/local/src
  3. svn co https://svn.process-one.net/ejabberd-modules
  4. cd ejabberd-modules/mod_admin_extra/trunk
  5. ./build.sh

Now we copy the genereated installation files

  1. erlc -I src/mod_admin_extra.erl
  2. cp ebin/mod_admin_extra.beam /usr/lib/ejabberd/ebin/

add admin role and restart the service

  1. ejabberdctl register admin myserver.tld password
  2. /etc/init.d/ejabberd restart

now go to http://localhost:5280/admin

we can edit the config files for multiple vhosts:
  1. nano /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg


  • http://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/guide_en
  • http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/servers/
  • http://www.ejabberd.im/ejabberd-modules
  • http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~henoch/text/ejabberd-ircd.html


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